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Ramona McKean, Author and Speaker Ramona McKean was born in Vancouver, Canada. With a BA in English and an MA in Educational Leadership, she taught secondary school in Port McNeill and Nanaimo, both on Vancouver Island.

In 2004, in response to an inner voice, she travelled to China where she taught English at a Harbin university. A tragic accident cut short her stay. After an intense period of recovery, she took an early retirement from teaching and “gathered her nerve” to return to China to study Mandarin for a short period of time. In her book Dancing in the Heart of the Dragon, a Memoir of China, Ramona shares some of her experiences in China, before, during and after the serious accident she faced in 2005. Hers is a fascinating story, told from hospital beds in both China and Canada, by means of personal journals.

Listening to the song of one’s own heart can help people to know their deepest goodness and also their purpose in life. To help people connect with their own and each other’s humanity is the aim of this website, A Bridge of Light. It’s with this kind of connection, Ramona believes, that we can bring healing to a hurting world.

Ramona still lives on Vancouver Island, in the city of Victoria, with her grandchildren nearby. Writing, she maintains, is what brings meaning to her life. It’s a main source of her spiritual connection.

She’d love to hear from you, if you’d care to send a message! Just click here or leave a comment below or on any of her blog posts. Tell her a bit about yourself, how you do or would like to make a difference and what topics you think would be good ones for her to write about.




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