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A Bridge of Light is about connecting us with our own and each other’s humanity. Goodness and beauty–as reflected in music, books, photographs, stories, inspirational quotes, etc– will be shared. Let’s celebrate what makes life good and what can make it even better. Read more

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  • no such thing as a small act of kindness

If You Knew

I’m in a little poetry group with a few women. We each share a poem we’ve found (or written) and talk about it. Invariably, the poems are thought-provoking. My friend Ella recently shared Ellen Bass’s “If You Knew.” The poem touched me and I thought of sharing it in a blog post. In light of [...]

  • Hope is the thing with feathers, 1st stanza of Emily Dickinson's poem

Emily Dickinson and Hope for Our Times

What’s So on “the Outside” These are heavy times; some call them “evolutionary times.” The crumbling of the old is causing confusion and disillusionment. That there is no clear indication of the new (and how can there be at this stage?), is causing wide-spread fear. This is most dramatically apparent in the USA, but really, [...]