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A Bridge of Light

A Bridge of Light is about connecting us with our own and each other’s humanity. Goodness and beauty–as reflected in music, books, photographs, stories, inspirational quotes, etc– will be shared. Let’s celebrate what makes life good and what can make it even better. Read more

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  • are there angels among us?

Angels Among Us

Angels have been defined as “spiritual beings that act as compassionate agents of the Divine.” Do you believe these spiritual beings exist? Do you believe they’re here among us? I do and I’d like to write about two kinds, which will include a personal tribute to one. […]

  • leonard-cohen-in-our-rags-of-light-if-it-be-your-will

If It be Your Will, a Tribute to Leonard Cohen

September 21, 1934-November 7, 2016 Leonard Cohen's voice will not be "still."  His music will continue to live on in the hearts of millions now and to come. Like many, when the news was released on November 10th that Leonard Cohen had passed away, I cried. Two days later, his son Adam posted a touching [...]

  • holy-dove-moving-too-hallelujah-leonard-cohen

Music to Build Bridges, Cohen, KD and Hallelujah

In my previous blog, Music to Build Bridges, I shared a message about man-made problems that divide the human race and cause needless suffering. Problems include such things as non-communication, prejudice, greed, racism, sexism, and so on. Human problems are largely about disconnection, first from ourselves and then from others. How is music able to [...]