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A Life Written in Water, Anita Mui (梅艳芳)

In Memory of Anita Mui 梅艳芳 October 10, 1963 – December 30, 2003 What is a life written in water? Meaningful or empty? If it had a melody, would it sound happy or sad, or something else? Anita Mui sang the evocative “A Life Written in Water” in a 1984 Hong Kong movie called “Homecoming.” Anita was a superstar [...]

Tribute to Teresa Teng, Jan. 29, 1953 – May 8, 1995

Teresa Teng, Deng Lijun, 邓丽君 When I arrived in Harbin, China in 2004 to teach English, I wanted to learn at least a little Mandarin. Since music helps me a lot with other languages, I asked my friend Liyi for help. "Who can I listen to who sings Mandarin clearly and also [...]

“The Power of Music to Connect Cultures”: Abigail Washburn

Photo by Steve Jurvetson ( “The light that shone off her eyes was a place I could have stayed forever. In that moment we weren't our American selves. We weren't our Chinese selves. We were just mortals sitting together in that light that keeps us here. I want to dwell in that light [...]

Soundtrack for “Dancing in the Heart of the Dragon”

Music plays a central role in my story—songs I was introduced to in China that helped me in my healing journey. Some of the songs were popular at their respective times; some of the other Chinese music features traditional Chinese instruments and folk melodies. Some Western songs, too, played their part in my healing, classics [...]

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