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A Journey into the Heart of 21st Century China

New, revised edition

Dancing in the Heart of the Dragon, by Ramona McKean, new book coverMy book is a true story about my taking a journey into the heart of 21st Century China. What’s China like, the one you don’t see in mainstream media? What are the people like, regular folks who work hard to support their kids, and their kids who are smart and lucky enough to go to university? What’s the “countryside” like? (That’s sometimes a euphemism for “3rd world.”)

What’s it like to be in a serious accident in the “countryside” of China and need Emergency Response when there isn’t any; that is, except for ordinary people with crowbars? Some of these “ordinary” people happened to play their part in saving my life! What’s it like to be in hospital in China? How did I manage to get back to Canada? Why did every Canadian doctor, nurse, etc. ask me the same question: “How are you still alive?” My story is quite the story.

In this new edition, in response to readers’ suggestions, I have included a study guide with questions for individuals or book groups. You’ll also find a glossary of the Chinese words and expressions used. Alongside the Chinese characters, I have placed the pinyin. Pinyin, for those who don’t know, shows the Mandarin words by using our alphabet; hence, decipherable to Western readers. This may prove of value to anyone studying Chinese.

I have also included an introduction to this new edition. In it I share some of the amazing new perspectives I’ve gained since the time of this story; perspectives on such things as friendship, love, trauma, healing, and life purpose. As well, I share perspectives on the Presence. Especially when noticed and honoured, this Presence is what it is that makes all the difference in the world.


To BUY now, please click on either cover photo above. And if you either buy or borrow the book from your library, let me know how you feel and what you think about it, okay?  🙂 You can send me a message through this website, or write to me at: ramona.mckean@gmail.com.

In the words of one of my reviewers:

Ramona is a brilliant story teller with a remarkable story – a true hero’s journey. Make sure you don’t start reading at bedtime or you will be up all night! A powerful story of one woman, two countries and a heart that learns to embrace both.  
(Junie Swadron, author of Re-Write Your Life)

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