A Christmas Story that’s Touching and Funny!

CBC's "The Christmas Letter" is a delightful story to have you laugh out loud and shed a little tear or two!

CBC’s “The Christmas Letter” is a delightful story to have you laugh out loud and shed a little tear or two!

Radio Drama that Delights

Here it is Christmas 2015. Happy Christmas everyone!

Driving to my son’s on Christmas Eve, I turned on CBC Radio One and happened upon a program called “This is That.” It’s described as a “current affairs program that doesn’t just talk about the issues, it fabricates them. Nothing is off limits–politics, business, culture, justice, science, religion–if it is relevant to Canadians, we’ll find out the This and the That of the story”…

Anyway, I heard a thoroughly entertaining little story–the old-fashioned way, via a radio drama (a style before my time!)–that you just might enjoy too.  A little stereotypical,…maybe. Good ole Canadian humour! In case you didn’t know, we Canadians have a way of gently laughing at ourselves, and in the process we reveal what good-hearted souls most of us are.

The Librarian and the Private Investigator


Click the photo to hear the story, 27 minutes.

The story starts off with Dorothy Shunt, a curious (snoopy) librarian, who discovers something that will “change everything”–an old letter tucked into a volume of an encyclopedia set about to be chucked. The letter leads her to hire a private detective, who tracks down a cattle auctioneer who knows every piece of trivia you’d ever not want to know about cows. He’s the guy who wrote the letter 30 years ago and the guy who has a brother he’s never met.

How does Rick Stettler meet his long-lost brother? Does the private eye have to work hard for his pay? What does a Mounty Mike lunch box have to do with anything, and does Ted from Ted’s Toys and Collectibles have a reason to jump over the moon for joy?

The story ends with a Christmas dinner with a “motley crew of fanciful characters.” (Scrooge’s story ended with a Christmas dinner too, did it not?)

So get yourself comfy. Click on the Dear Santa Claus photo above. Then close your eyes and give yourself 27 minutes to be taken into the heart of a Radio-land tale that may have you laugh out loud and also shed a sweet tear or two.

Christmas 2015 it is. God’s blessings to all people, everywhere!




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